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Alvin Mikkelsen

Alvin Mikkelsen passed away June 5, 2010, at the age of 91 years and 10 months. His niece, Cindy McCarty, was surprised when the funeral director told her Alvin had asked his memorial money go to Timber Creek Charities.

The gift was surprising, but not out of character for her beloved uncle. She had watched him be kind and giving to his neighbors, take care of his church and church family, help others in need and live a loving, faith-filled life.

Alvin was one of the first people to make a donation to Timber Creek Charities when it was established in 2001. During his lifetime, he gave $9,700 to the charity.

His generosity would continue after his death. As a result of his wishes, more than $6,000 came into Timber Creek Charities in 2010 and has been helping children and adults receive needed therapies and therapeutic activities ever since.