Speech Therapy at Timber Creek

How to contribute

Or mail a check to:

Timber Creek Charities
2400 Poplar Avenue
Guthrie Center, IA 50115 

Questions? Call 641-747-3225.

About Timber Creek Charities

Timber Creek Charities is a 501c3 publicly supported nonprofit entity. Knowing funding for treatment is often limited or non-existent, the founders of Timber Creek Therapies felt a nonprofit charity would be critical to providing quality treatment and therapeutic activities to all persons in need.

While most patients who receive treatment have some expenses covered by insurance, Timber Creek Charities steps in to help those who don’t have adequate insurance. It also helps those who can’t afford therapeutic activities not covered by insurance.

Timber Creek Charities has helped many persons of all ages receive needed therapies and therapeutic activities. In 2013, Timber Creek Charities assisted 172 children and adults receive needed physical therapy, speech/language and cognitive therapies, occupational therapy and equine-assisted psychotherapy, plus therapeutic activity services.

Timber Creek Charities receives funding from foundation and private donations and proceeds from an annual golf tournament and auction. Primary expenses for Timber Creek Charities include assisting individuals with expenses for physical therapy, speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, and equine-assisted psychotherapy, expenses for therapeutic activities, and fundraising and administrative fees. 

The mission of Timber Creek Charities is to assist individuals of all ages with all types of disabilities, illnesses and injuries secure beneficial therapies and therapeutic activities to promote healing and wellness.