Meet the Horses of Timber Creek

Teel - American Quarter Horse with Cindy McCarty


Teel, American Quarter horse, age 18, was our first therapy horse. He already belonged to Cindy and she trusted him to help get the program off the ground, which he did. He is now her primary riding horse and helps out with an occasional session.

Sunny - Tennessee Walking Horse


Sunny, Tennessee Walking Horse, age 19, came from an abusive situation but has become one of our steadiest, calmest and most trusted therapy friends. He is used for therapy and therapeutic riding sessions, unless there is a thunderstorm. He does not like thunder. Otherwise, he is very kind and gentle and is a perfect partner.

Buffy - Haflinger Pony


Buffy, Haflinger pony, age 17, arrived with her sister, Belle. She has become a very patient, trusted therapy partner, especially with the children in our therapy programs. She is steady and true and can tolerate everything that comes her way. She helps with our therapy program and has been a favorite at our grief camps, too.


Belle - Haflinger Pony


Belle, Haflinger pony, age 16, matches her sister Buffy’s ability to be patient and steady and tolerant. She is our chunky monkey and has a can-do attitude every day. She is a fan favorite for several of our children. She also helps with our grief camps and some of our adult therapeutic riding clients, due to her stature and patience. 

Ranger - Tennessee Walking Horse


Ranger, Tennessee Walking Horse, age 15, arrived with his mother, Spirit. Spirit was a stellar therapy horse until her passing. Ranger grew into his role and has become a wonderful therapy partner for our larger and stronger clients. He is a big boy, 16.2 hands high, and adds unique movement that benefits our patients with neuromuscular diagnoses such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. He has a special personality and is a wonderful therapy partner and also helps with individual and group therapeutic riding sessions.

Jewels - Missouri Fox Trotter


Jewels, Missouri Fox Trotter, age 16, was donated to Timber Creek Charities by a former Timber Creek Therapies staff member, GiGi Nelson. Jewels, another gaited horse, adds yet another unique movement pattern that we can offer to our patients. She is sweet, steady and willing and even carried Meg, who trained her, up the hill behind our barn on her wedding day to meet her groom and guests at the top of the hill. Jewels is a versatile gem and is used in our therapy program and in individual and group therapeutic riding sessions. She has helped in our grief camps, too.

Skeeter -  American Quarter Horse


Skeeter, American Quarter Horse, age 13, is our steady Eddy, can-do buddy. His movement is slow and steady and he is strong and dependable. He does not flinch at the ramp or from wheelchairs or anything that we throw at him. He really likes to have his patients sitting in the center of his back where they are supposed to be, and he often stops to remind us of this. He is a great therapy partner and helps us in our therapeutic riding program with individuals and group sessions. He even lets us paint him like an American Flag or whatever else we plan to do and tolerates an occasional parade. He also has helped with our grief camps.

Gracie - Percheron/Paint cross


Gracie, Percheron/Paint cross, age 12, was purchased from a former staff member and volunteer, Amy Stepanek. Gracie adds size, stature and depth to what we are able to offer to our larger clients. She is a big, strong girl at 16.2 hands high and has a big, sweet personality to match.  Her grey dapples are melting into more and more white, but she remains steady, strong and willing. We have had to put her in the diet pen at times, but she is a beauty. She helps us in our therapy program and in our individual and therapeutic riding sessions. 

Finnir - “Finni” - Norwegian Fjord


Finnir, “Finni”, Norwegian Fjord, age 11, is a very unique fella. He is stout, strong, gentle, slow, steady and willing and yet quite quirky, unusual and such a cutie. We can count on Finni for a wide variety of patients and we often do. He helps with therapy patients and with individual and group therapeutic riding sessions.

Leggs - Arabian/Appaloosa cross


Allegro’s Finest, “Leggs,” Arabian/Appaloosa cross, age 18, was donated to Timber Creek Charities by Craig Ditsworth, a Timber Creek Charities board member, and his late wife, Vickie. Leggs is the kindest, gentlest horse around. He simply has no faults and is a wonderful therapy partner. He helps with our therapy patients and individual and group therapeutic riding sessions. He also has helped with grief camps and parades.


May - American Paint Horse


May, American Paint Horse, age 17, was purchased in 2010 and has recently been added to some therapy sessions. Cindy met her just after she was born and has known her all of her life. She was owned and purchased from Sara Best. May has been ridden and shown in many arenas and is as talented as she is beautiful. She is well trained and will become a good therapy partner for us.

Star Power - Thoroughbred

Star Power

Star Power, Thoroughbred, age 8, was retired from a racing career in 2012 and is in training to add a new type of movement pattern to our therapy program. He is coming along nicely. He is sweet, gentle and loves people and is a big, strong, handsome boy. We are expecting him to become a great addition to our therapy program.