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Therapeutic Riding
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Therapeutic Activities

Staff assisting in therapeutic riding.

Timber Creek Ranch offers a therapeutic riding program for individuals and groups. This program provides individuals with disabilities an opportunity to have experiences with horses in learning to ride, plus utilize the horse’s movement to enhance their lives in physical and emotional ways through a stimulating recreational activity. Each client is evaluated and added to the therapeutic riding program, if appropriate, after receiving clearance from a physician to participate in a recreational equine program.

The cost of therapeutic riding is $45 for an individual half-hour session or $30 for a group half-hour session consisting of three or more riders. The cost of therapeutic riding is not covered by insurance. If the cost is prohibitive, the individual may apply to Timber Creek Charities for financial assistance. A copay of a minimum of $5 is required. After that, each individual is asked to pay what he or she can afford. No one requesting therapeutic riding has ever been turned away at Timber Creek Ranch because he or she couldn’t afford to pay the full cost.

Each month at Timber Creek Ranch, 80 to 100 individual or group therapeutic riding sessions are provided for children and adults of all ages.